Car Computer Fault Scanner LCD Code Reader

Model Number-KW850
Feature 1-LCD display
Feature 2-Supports 8 languages


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Car Computer Fault Scanner LCD Code Reader Car Troubleshooting Professional Car Computer Diagnostic Tool Supports 8 Languages

Function 1-Car fault scanner
Function 2-Computer fault scanner
Function 3-Supports multiple fault code requests
Function 4-Clear backlit
Function 5-Car code reader
Function 6-Computer car fault detector


The small size makes it easy to fit in the palm of your hand. Reader Scanner performs continuous DTC scanning. Communicate securely with the onboard computer. Independent unit, can operate without additional laptop. 
Highly reliable and accurate. Clear, backlit LCD display for easy reading. A plugin is easy to use. It is designed for car owners or DIY. You may quickly find the cause of trouble. 
Dimensions: (7.87 x 3.94 x 1.57)”” / (20 x 10 x 4) cm (Length x Width x Height) Color: red and black material: plastic 
How to use it ?

The product is very simple to use and can be used directly by connecting to the car steering wheel under the diagnostic seat. There are two points to note when using.

1) The product is not bright and does not turn on. This may be caused by the customer not starting the car. You must start the car before you can use the product, otherwise the product will not start with the power supply.

2) The product is read halfway, the progress bar is stuck or black screen, this is because the car does not support our products. The customers car may have encrypted data from the factory, or it may be a diesel engine or a 24V truck.

3) The product is very simple and has no redundant functions, that is, it is connected to the car, it cannot be connected to the mobile phone and the computer, there is no APP, and the delivery is also supported by the manual.

The package includes:
1 Code Reader scanner tool
1 x two-way cable

1 X CD drive













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