USB Rechargeable Padlock 1/2Pcs Quick Unlock Zinc Alloy Metal Self Developing Chip

Handle Direction-Left Pull
Material-Zinc Alloy
Model Number-O10
product name-fingerprint smart padlock
Fingerprint capacity-record 10 times and save 10 pieces
LED light color-red / blue
Battery-3.7V lithium battery
Working voltage-3.0-4.2V
Life time-half a year
Working temperature–10~40 degrees Cel
usage-door/handbag/closet/luggage safty padlock
color-silver padlock
Material-zinc alloy metal padlock
charging way-USB charging
unlock way-fingerprint touch instead of digital padlock


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Towode Fingerprint Lock Keyless USB Rechargeable Door Lock Fingerprint Smart Padlock Quick Unlock Zinc alloy Metal Self Developing Chip

Frequently Asked Question

1.How to do if the fingerprint cant be identified?

Usually due to fingerprint wear, peeling, scratches, dirty, wet fingers, or fingerprint
collection window with smudginess and water droplets, fingerprint identification is not
successful. It is necessary to ensure that the fingers and fingerprint window are clean
and dry .
In case of finger scratches, it is recommended to enter at least 3 fingerprints registration
after purchase.

2.How many fingerprints can be registered?

10 fingerprints can be registered .

3. How to do if the battery is dead?

Connect the charging port with Micro USB, the red light is on, indicating that it is
charging, and it can be unlocked normally during charging. The light is off, indicating
that it is fully charged.

4.How long does it continue after being fully charged?

After being fully charged, it can stand by for 12 months, and when the power is low,
the red light flashes after unlocking.

5. Any fingerprint can be unlocked

When the fingerprint is not recorded, any fingerprint can be unlocked. If fingerprints are recorded, only the recorded fingerprints can be used to unlock the lock. Therefore, under normal circumstances, you must record more than two fingerprints to prevent the embarrassing situation of the fingers being scratched and unable to unlock.

6. Cannot unlock when the battery is exhausted

You can use a mobile power bank to temporarily charge the lock. When the battery is charged for a certain period of time, the lock will show a red light, and it can be unlocked at this time. Please dont worry, wait patiently.




Selling Points:

1. Fingerprint Unlock, your fingers unlock everything.

2. 0.5s speed rocognition, 360° arbitrary angle biometricrecognition, induction rate ≤0.5s

3. Durable structure, zinc alloy and splash proof lock body protects your assets against thieves.

4. Portable, small size and light weight.

5. Family and friend share, up to 10 groups fingerprint can be stored to unlock.

6. Rechargeable lithium battery, no need to buy extra battery.

7. Safe and secure, O10 will remain locked even run out of power.

8. Low Power Alert and quick charge technology.

High-Tech chip

Using high-tech chips, fingerprint processing is faster, unlocking is more convenient, and your home is safer.

10 fingerprint storage

Record 10times and save 10 groups,can be used by the whole family.

0.5s unlock

360° arbitrary angle biometricrecognition, induction rate ≤0.5s

Fingerprint is your key

* 0.5 Sencond Unlock
* Total of 10 Fingerprint
* Can be saved

USB Charging/3.7V lithium bettery

Electronic smart fingerprint padlock will max last of year after filing charge.

Low battery reminder

When the voltage is equal to or lower than 3.5v , the indicator will flash for 15 seconds.

If it is always at a loew point , every hour ,it will alarm once.

Micro USB charging

The smart fingerprint lock cannot be opened when there is no electricity

You can use the portable power bank to charge him and temporarily open the smart lock.


1.Material: zinc alloy
2.Working voltage: 3.0-4.2V
3.Lock weight and Size:100g,7.6*4.6*1.3(cm)
4.Fingerprint sensor coverage: 72*64MM
5.Unlock speed: within 1 second
6.working period: a year per power Charge
7.LED light: three color light: red / blue / green
8.Battery: 3.7V lithium build in battery
9.Working temperature: -10~+40 degrees Celsius
10.Fingerprint capacity: record 10 times and save 10 groups

Widely for many places

You can use at home, outdoor, in office. Suitable for suitcases, golf bags, handbags, school lockers, furniture, wardrobes, bicycle and other goods that you want to protect.

Small and Light

Weight only 90G

Quick Start Guide

Tips for fingerprint recording:

1.Try to touch the sensor by different angle when lock records your fingerprint to ensure that it can recognize well during working.

2. Follow the steps strictly to record your fingerprint to make sure the process can be done easily.

Package Included:

1* Fingerprint Lock

1* USB Charging Cable

1* User Manual




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China, Russian Federation, SPAIN, United States


2Pcs black, 2Pcs silver, 1 black and 1 silver, 1Pcs black, 1Pcs silver


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