Woman Adult Pee Urine Bag Use For Car Travel Camping Patient Stand Toilet

Curing Agent-No
Usage Frequency-Non Disposable
Intended For-Male
Intended For-female
Intended For-Unisex
Material-Top quality Silicone
Usage frequency-non disposable
Intended for-unisex



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Feature 1-camping toilet urial funnel
Feature 2-Woman stand Urinal
Feature 3-Foldable and easy clean
Feature 4-Emergency Urine bag
Feature 5-Travel stand female toilet
feature 6-pee urinals pee funnel
package-waterproof fabric
feature 7-foldable and clean
useage-Menstrual Cups
products name-urine pee funnel woman
model name-urine funnel for women silicone
useage 2-pee funnel stand patient
gift-christmas gift for women
ship place-China ,USA RUSSIAN
name-emergency pee funnel
name 1-stand toilet

Female Urinal Female silicone urinal Pee Funnel for Women, Help women easily solve the problem of going to the toilet in outdoor activities.

how to stand pee for woman ,choose our valise voyage urine bag for your camping trip .

Cleaning instructions:

Simply rinse with warm water (if no water is available, wipe with a hygienic wet wipe). Allow it to air dry and then place it back in the protective cover.
When convenient, Give it a rinse out with hot soapy water and leave to air dry or pat dry with a towel.

Instructions for use:
1.It’s really easy to use by simply holding against your body.
2. Make Sure The Sides Sit Flush To The Body To Prevent Leaking While Using

Travel – Perfect for travelling in countries where toilet hygiene is bad.
Squatty Potties – you know those holes in the ground in Asia that you have to balance on
Public Toilets – No move hovering or balancing.
Festivals – It’s great for festivals to save you lining up for a toilet.
Car – we all have those emergencies, and now it will be so much easier.

Warm tips:
If the product is deformed, before the first use simply immerse it in really hot water for 30 seconds and it will return to its proper shape.
We suggest you practice using it a few times at home before going out in the wild.
This funnel is not recommend for women who have bladder control challenges.

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Your pack includes:
1 x Urinal
1 x Protective bag





Additional information

Color Name

1pcs, 3pcs, 1 pair

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China, Russian Federation, United States


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